When I started my piano teaching career, my biggest concern was how ill-equipped I felt for anything beyond teaching music on the score.  

I was not quite ready to manage things like: 

❌ How to make piano lessons fun and engaging for all without diminishing the quality. 

❌ How to retain current students for a long time.

❌ How to deal with unreasonable and disrespectful parents.

And left me feeling:

😑  Frustrated–I did not know how to introduce the world of classical piano music to my students who had never heard the music of Bach or Chopin before. 

😒  Unmotivated–When my students reached a certain age, they felt no need for piano lessons.

😫  Powerless–I felt bullied by students’ parents all the time while making the impossible possible for their children (we are miracle workers!).

These feelings started to control me and made teaching unbearable. But why!? I loved what I did and saw changes in people’s lives through music. So, there was only one way to change these negativities.

Over time I’ve developed different ideas and frameworks for doing things like:

✅ Bringing concert hall experiences into their homes so that listening to quality music becomes part of their lives. 

✅ Changing gears as students go through their teen years.

✅ Practicing with other fellow piano teachers how to communicate with difficult parents positively.

Since I’ve seen a huge need for these topics to be addressed, I’m going to start posting my best tips and ideas that I’ve learned over time so other 🎹 teachers can benefit, too!

Let me know what you would like to see in future posts via email at info@yukimisongstudio.com!

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