Let us become well-equipped 🎹 teachers!

When I started my piano teaching career, my biggest concern was how ill-equipped I felt for anything beyond teaching music on the score.   I was not quite ready to manage things like:  ❌ How to make piano lessons fun and engaging for all without diminishing the quality.  ❌ How to retain current students for a […]

Dear Fellow Piano Teachers:

Dear Fellow Piano Teacher, I’d like to share my 5 principles to boost students’ motivation to learn and practice piano! “The change starts with you but it does not start until you do.”–Tom Ziglar 1. Be inspirational. You have been teaching piano lessons for quite some time–you found your calling and care deeply about your […]

Happy Fall 🍁🎹🍁🎹🍁🎹

The season of fall has arrived! It is also the beginning of the new school year–what are your goals for this new near? MEET MY 🎹 STUDENT,  DAVE! https://yukimisongstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Dave-promo_IG.mp4 📺 Watch my student, Dave, perform Chopin and Satie! He is a pilot ✈️ and has been studying 🎹 with me for over eight years! Dave […]