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Yukimi Song Studio offers a unique educational experience for piano enthusiasts of all ages and levels.  Dedicated to the highest quality of music instruction, the joy of piano playing is inspired through creativity, imagination, and innovation. 

How We Are Different

Established 2007

During my first year of graduate school at New York University in 2007, I received an email from the NYU Music Department about a parent seeking a piano instruction for her twin daughters. I accepted the invitation, and we began lessons the following week. Since then, my piano studio has been growing steadily in number and quality each year, generated entirely by word of mouth among students and their families in New York City.


Yukimi Song Studio

I love helping students unlock what music means to them. Each student comes with their own strengths, interests, and learning styles, and together we design a custom musical pathway—so they can cultivate confidence and focus. Although I have taught students ages 3 to 70, I am particularly drawn to working with teens and adults to help them expand their life experiences through music.

In my studio, students play works by Bartok, Satie, Liszt, Granados, and Chopin. Beyond classical repertoire, I also teach students how to improvise on their favorite pop songs, everything from by Adele and Maroon 5 to Broadway musical show tunes such as Hadestown and Wicked. Students also explore ensemble collaboration, family duet performances, and more.

My students’ successes include winning first prizes in the International Grande Music Competition, the BMTG Intercontinental Competition, and being named to the Honors Program at The Piano Teachers Congress of New York. Others have been accepted into the undergraduate music programs at NYU and Eastman School of Music. In addition, some of my high-school students have written and produced original songs using Logic Pro and published them on music streaming services. I am so proud of what ALL of my students achieve.

To celebrate their learning, we present biannual concerts that help foster our supportive studio community. In addition, families often offer to host these concerts at their homes to make the events even more memorable.

Ultimately, I teach to help students find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with music.


Online Piano Lessons

Your piano lessons are now much more accessible and easier than ever! Yukimi Song Studio offers online piano lessons for students of all levels and ages!  All you need is your smartphone and of course, an acoustic or digital piano. We offer variety length sessions, depending on student level and need.

Tailored Instruction

Love playing favorite pop tunes at the comfort of your home? Or dream about performing classical masterpieces on the world concert stage such as Carnegie Hall? We’ll provide uniquely tailored piano instruction to fit your needs and goals, no matter where you are in your journey.

Adult Piano Lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or want to grow in your skills, Yukimi Song will create an individualized path for your studies.  Adult students learn how to play by ear from the first lesson!  The perfect repertoire is carefully selected to promote both developmental growth and joy of playing. Piano playing is a joyful and meaning experience that every adult can enjoy at all technical levels and abilities. Enjoy classical favorites like Beethoven’s Für Elise, famous Broadway Show Tunes, Pop Songs or simply enjoy creativity through improvisation at the piano.


Traditional Lessons

Playing the piano is total physical work! From a young age, students are taught proper usage of different parts of muscles, coordination of arms, hands and fingers. Note reading is encouraged as well as improvisation. Students are taught how to become efficient in their daily practice while exploring individual style and expression.

Music theory classes

The more advanced you become, the more difficult piano playing can be! Not only is it crucial to learn the musical notations and technique, but it is equally essential to gain knowledge of ear/rhythm training, history of music, piano literature and the “grammar” of music. We incorporate theory into private lesson instruction, however, advance theory training is strongly encouraged!

public performances

YSS is a proud member of Piano Teachers Congress of New York. PTC performance opportunities include 20/21 Century Music Festival, Piano Plus!, Honors Program, Piano Salon and  a chance to perform at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall! Advanced students have the opportunity to perform at the Steinway Hall and Jazz at Lincoln Center, the hottest music venue!

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Head over to our Events Page to keep up with Yukimi Song Studio news and events. We’re excited to share student accomplishments with our musical community!

Conversation with a Piano student

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our studio’s YouTube/Podcast show, Conversations with a Piano Student, in May 2020. Each episode showcase a student interview. The second episode features one of our dearest students, Ana Sofia, who has been enjoying piano lessons with Yukimi Song Studio for over ten years! 

Studio News & Events

“Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed.The potential of every child is unlimited.” -Suzuki

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Haynee & Brian

New York

Yukimi is a serious, skilled, and comprehensive piano teacher who covers sight reading, scales, theory, technique, and harmony.  She employs practical strategies to make practicing fun and she motivates our daughter by truly believing in her ability to tackle and overcome challenges each week.  In addition, outside of lessons, Yukimi continued to foster a love of piano by encouraging her students to join her at performances and piano competitions.  We attended a performance / competition last year, and our daughter enjoyed it very much.