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I love helping students unlock what music means to them. Each student comes with their own strengths, interests, and learning styles, and together we design a custom musical pathway—so they can cultivate confidence and focus. Although I have taught students ages 3 to 70, I am particularly drawn to working with teens and adults to help them expand their life experiences through music.

In my studio, students play works by Bartok, Satie, Liszt, Granados, and Chopin. Beyond classical repertoire, I also teach students how to improvise on their favorite pop songs, everything from Adele and Maroon 5 to Broadway musical show tunes such as Hadestown and Wicked. Students also explore ensemble collaboration, family duet performances, and more.

My students’ successes include winning first prizes in the International Grande Music Competition, the BMTG Intercontinental Competition, and being named to the Honors Program at The Piano Teachers Congress of New York. Others have been accepted into the undergraduate music programs at NYU and Eastman School of Music. In addition, some of my high-school students have written and produced original songs using Logic Pro and published them on music streaming services. I am so proud of what ALL of my students achieve.

To celebrate their learning, we present biannual concerts that help foster our supportive studio community. In addition, families often offer to host these concerts at their homes to make the events even more memorable.

Ultimately, I teach to help students find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connections with music.


Are you ready to discover what music means to you? I love giving complimentary piano lessons to students for whom I can make the most significant difference in their piano journey. Curious? Then, hop on a quick call to see if you qualify for a complementary piano lesson. Click the button below.


Meet My Students

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Elizabeth Levine

Elle is an 11-yo multi-award-winning pianista who has appeared as a soloist at numerous concert venues such as Carnegie Hall and Merkin Hall. She has been studying with me since September 2021, and our piano journey hit it off right away – she achieved multiple awards from notable international piano competitions, including 15+ First Places. Besides solo piano, Elle loves to perform chamber music and paint (her artwork was featured in the morning TV show last year) and is an avid soccer player. She is a diligent, not to mention gifted, piano student who seeks excellence in anything she pursues.

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Dave Halpern

Dave became a commercial pilot very recently after 3 decades of working in a senior position in finance at a big IT company. What’s more amazing about him is that he continued his piano journey during such a challenging career transition while being a father of twins! Dave has been studying piano with me for 10 years and now can play Chopin, Satie, Bach, and Joplin. His desire to learn doesn’t stop here – Dave is currently mastering multiple languages, learning new academic subjects….and maybe eventually flying to the moon!?

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Tamrin Gellert Ghai

Tamrin just started her college life this September! Aww…I’ve known her since she was 4 years old while she was watching her elder cousin’s piano lesson with me. I remember Tamrin being so small, sitting quietly with her big eyes wide open! She began her piano studies with me soon after, and fast-forward, she is now writing her original songs with her hits streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music! This vlog was created during the height of the COVID lockdown (May 2020) – in the video, Tamrin tells us how she found a way to use her piano training for her new passion – to be a singer-songwriter!