the piano pod 🎙

Bringing PIANO into the 21st Century

Podcast show about 🎹 for ALL pianists

“How can I present the beautiful tradition of classical music to the 21st-century audience in a fun, contemporary, and engaging way?”

Ever since I started teaching piano to young children in the trendy, vibrant neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan in NYC a long ago, I began to question. Then, during my grad school at NYU, one of the music department’s professors suggested I start a podcast show to connect with my audience and share my values about learning music. 

The opportunity finally came in the summer of 2020 when I reached out to my colleagues and fellow pianists/teachers and New Yorkers, Clara Zhang and Eric Hunter, and received immediate yes’s from them!

In Seasons 1 and 2, we had the privilege of interviewing A-list classical and jazz pianists, composers, arrangers, digital streamers/influencers, music educators, neurodiverse specialists, and performance psychologists.

Currently, we are in Season 3 with a team of two – Clara and myself; the mission of The Piano Pod remains the same:

Twice a month, we interview a guest speaker who has been breaking exciting new ground in the music industry. Started during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to adjust to the new musical reality, the goals of The Piano Pod are to examine the traditions of the piano, adapt them, and expand its capabilities in this modern era.