the piano pod 🎙

Bringing PIANO into the 21st Century

Podcast show about 🎹 for ALL pianists

The Piano Pod🎙 is a one-of-a-kind podcast that delves deep into the fascinating world of classical music, with a specific focus on the 🎹 piano. In a biweekly format, the show explores intriguing discussions with guests breaking exciting new ground in the classical music industry. The Piano Pod aims to nurture a thriving community that embraces innovative approaches to ensure classical music’s relevance and vitality in today’s dynamic landscape.

“How can I present the beautiful tradition of classical music to the 21st-century audience in a fun, contemporary, and engaging way?”

When I started building a piano studio in the trendy neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan in 2007 while in the NYU graduate program in piano studies, I began to ponder this question. I realized the stark difference in expectations toward classical music and music education between music professionals and the general public. Then, one of the NYU music department’s professors suggested I start a podcast: the platform would allow classical musicians to address this disparity and spark conversations about audience engagement.

Finally, fast forward to 10+ years later, The Piano Pod was born in the summer of 2020. Since then, I have had the privilege of interviewing A-listers in the classical music industry: international concert pianists, composers, arrangers, digital streamers/influencers, music educators, entrepreneurs, neurodiverse specialists, and performance psychologists. Through fascinating conversations, we have explored how classical music should continue to evolve to remain relevant to our lifestyle, society, and culture.

The podcast explores a diverse array of compelling topics, including:

  1. Engaging in in-depth interviews with renowned music professionals, offering insights into their artistic journeys, techniques, and musical philosophies.
  2. Defining the mission of classical musicians and how they contribute to the world.
  3. Finding purpose as performing artists or music educators and its importance in our careers.
  4. Presenting classical music to 21st-century audiences as classical pianists and educators in a relevant and meaningful manner.
  5. Navigating and fostering growth in our career paths.
  6. The significance of being present as classical musicians on digital platforms to stay connected with the global community.
  7. Envisioning the future of the classical music industry.


Over the past three seasons, The Piano Pod has achieved remarkable success by reaching faithful listeners on audio platforms and viewers via YouTube. As the show is celebrating the past season’s achievements and gearing toward the new season in the fall, my mission as the Executive Producer is crystal clear: to provide a platform for classical musicians and educators to reflect and discuss ways to keep our industry robust and meaningful in this ever-changing world and move it forward in the post-pandemic era.