How to deal with unruly😖 and mean🥺 parents…❤️‍🩹

Dear fellow 🎹 teachers, 😖 Sick and tired of unruly and mean parents you deal with weekly? Do you want to gain more respect from them but do not know how? I want to share quick three tips to help you ease your pain:    Tip 1️⃣  Be calm – keep it cool 😎 at […]

Let’s talk about 💰 today 😏.

Let’s talk about 💰 today 😏.  When I first started my piano studio in NYC in 2007, I had some clients who did not pay me on time. A handful of them even delayed their payments for three months 😱 with no guilt or shame. When they finally paid after several email notifications, they did […]

Let us become well-equipped 🎹 teachers!

When I started my piano teaching career, my biggest concern was how ill-equipped I felt for anything beyond teaching music on the score.   I was not quite ready to manage things like:  ❌ How to make piano lessons fun and engaging for all without diminishing the quality.  ❌ How to retain current students for a […]