Jan 18: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dr. King spoke eloquently about equality, freedom, social justice, and courage, but the most powerful messages were about LOVE ❤️.

Today and everyday, Yukimi Song Studio honors his words and will commit to LOVE our neighbors and our students!

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Jan 21: TBT 

This picture was taken when I was around 3.5 years old (I was a big baby). No, that was not my home nor my piano. I was doing a little bit of a modeling gig for Yamaha, and this photoshoot was made for their piano brochure. This was before I started taking piano lessons. 

Fast-forward, no, I did not become a model 🤣, but this pretending scenario from the photo became my reality! I am a pianist 🎹 and piano teacher! 

#TBT #throwbackthursday #pianist #pianoteacher #piano

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