I offer workshops on a wide range of topics related to piano pedagogy to help teachers build successful music studios and navigate fulfilling teaching careers.
Whatever the topic you choose, I provide each session with case studies and the most up-to-date information, plus hands-on learning experiences for participants through problem-solving, role-playing, or exercises.

You are aware that the cost of living increases and that your value and reputation as a music teacher grow over time. However, sustaining your business and growing as a professional is IMPOSSIBLE without raising fees regularly in small increments. 

Yet, you have been avoiding raising teaching rates because you often feel: 

😞 worthless demanding the fee increase although you know your value and skills have improved tremendously.

😞 afraid to lose your loyal clients due to the rate increase.

😞 confused about how to communicate with your clients effectively about the rate increase.

In this workshop, you will discover the importance of setting solid financial boundaries for your music studios – once you learn how, it is a gamechanger! You will be able to build such healthy relationships with your clients in the long run. 

On the practical level, you will learn:

how to set consistent pricing for your studios.

✅ signs to know when to raise your rates.

✅ how to figure out how much to raise rates

✅ how often to raise your teaching rates

✅ how to communicate it effectively to your clients

Students with gifts and talents perform – or have the capability to perform – at higher levels compared to others of the same age, experience, and environment. The challenges gifted students face can be surprising to those who believe they are independent and self-sufficient. They have differently-wired brains that make them unique compared to their neurotypical classmates.

In this workshop, we will explore their everyday challenges, which are uniquely different from neurotypical students. Then, you will learn:

✅how to guide students to successful piano performances with the 7-step system I developed over 25 years of teaching.

✅how to select a winning repertoire for each student.

✅how to help students keep a positive mindset in the ups and downs of live performances.

This 60-min masterclass will be packed full of goodies with practical tools to help gifted students become successful on stage. I will teach you precisely what you need to become a premium piano teacher.

Are you curious about starting your own podcast show to share your beliefs/values, build brand authority, or reach new potential clients? As a podcast producer/writer and co-host of my successful show, The Piano Pod, I am here to inspire you to launch your show!

According to Statista, the global community of podcast listeners was around 383 million in 2021, and the listenership continues to grow and will reach approximately 505 million by 2024.

The reason is apparent: podcasts are fun, engaging, and entertaining ways of obtaining information, plus they are convenient – you can listen to them while exercising, driving, walking, or cooking. This opens up a lot of opportunities for your brand or business.  

In this workshop, you will discover everything you need to know about starting your podcast show in simple steps!  You will learn how to:

set a clear message.

✅ set a show/episode format.

✅ select the right types of equipment.

✅ produce the show

✅ promote the show.