🥳 Happy National Piano🎹Month (NPM) to us!

🌏NPM takes place every September to celebrate this incredibly beautiful and versatile musical🎵 instrument ever created on the planet—PIANO. Yup, the piano can be a beast 😱 at times—so demanding in time and effort to master, yet it continues to be the most sought-after, multi-genre friendly, and transcendental musical instrument.

😃So for you, my friends, it’s the perfect time to learn how to play 🎹 for the first time or to reconnect with its wonder if you’d been playing it for years in the past yet were out of touch for a while.

Let’s 🎉celebrate this special month by signing up for a complimentary session with me! Waiting for the perfect timing? Well, that’s when you take your first step toward the goal!

🔗Visit HERE to sign up to book your complimentary 🎹 session with me! I look forward to meeting you soon and learning what you want to achieve through piano lessons!

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🎉Happy 202nd Birthday to Ms. 𝕮𝖑𝖆𝖗𝖆 𝕾𝖈𝖍𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖓🎈

She was a superwoman🦸‍♀️in the 19th century: child prodigy, concert pianist, composer, wife of Robert Schumann, mother to 8 children, and best friend to Johannes Brahms‼️

Ms. Schumann toured throughout her entire life, giving over 1500 performances. 😎Fun fact: her career as a pianist was so successful that there was a cake named after her, Torte a la Wieck 🍰

Ms. Schumann married the composer Robert Schumann against her father’s wish. She then became the main breadwinner for the household and children. She had to cope with her husband’s severe mental illness (schizophrenia and bipolar) and his subsequent suicide attempt, after which he was admitted to a mental asylum only to lose the love of her life at 34.😔

Let’s celebrate her life by remembering her incredible legacy as a composer🤗 and listening to her remarkable music 🎵.

👇Here are some of my favorites:

🎼 Three Romances for Violin and Piano Op.22
🎵 4 Pièces caractéristiques Op.5 No.3: Romance
🎶 Abendfeier in Venedig
🎹 Deuxieme scherzo in C Minor, Op.14

🎧Check out the YSS @spotify playlist for September HERE.

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🎧 What’s in your current playlist?

YSS September Spotify Playlist is here 🎶 I selected pieces by composers who were born in the month of September and more! 🔗https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2a6mOQHmAJ1UL8pjfXuZmB?si=84d11e0b079e431c

9/1 Johann Pachelbel (1653)
9/4 Darius Milhaud (1892)
9/5 Amy Beach (1867)
9/5 John Cage (1912)
9/8 Anton Dvorak (1841)
9/13 Clara Schumann (1819)
9/17 Charles Tomlinson Griffes (1884)
9/25 Dimitri Shostakovich (1906)
9/26 George Gershwin (1898)

Let me know your fav ❤️ piece from my playlist!

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❤️Happy #TechThursday📱

After trying so many different apps, I still love using the Notes app on iOS. I can type, write, draw, insert photos/videos, and share them with students.

I created a folder for each student and shared with them—they can see my notes written and edited on their iOS devices in real time.

That’s one of the ways to make the 🎹 lessons fun for my students. And of course, this is a good excuse for me to keep learning and practicing technology!

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That’s it for this week’s blog. Thank you for visting my website! If you would like to have a fun complimentary 🎹 session with me, click HERE

Have a great week and will chat next week!