How is your long weekend going?

Mine is going GREAT so far—very restful yet productive!

📺1: Sight-reading and rehearsing 4-hand duet version of “Libertango” by Piazzolla with my friend and colleague, Clara Zhang @clara_pianistica, for our upcoming 🎶 events.
📺 2: Having fun sight-reading “In a Boat” from Petite Suite by Debussy for fun 🤩

Clara biked 🚴🏽 from the UES to my apt/studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to rehearse with me this weekend. I totally enjoyed the session with her, so I had to feed her my homemade Vegan Mapo Tofu—I ❤️ cooking for friends!

🎁Music is such a gift (sorry for being so cliche). And it becomes more fun and meaningful with good food and great company—that’s why we practice and play musical instruments. You can touch the screen of any digital device and listen to the music any time you want, but there is NOTHING quite like performing the music you love, whether it’s done by ear or through the score. NO PERFECTION IS NECESSARY when you are having fun!

Curious about playing the piano on the spot, whether by ear or sight-reading? What is your dream 🎹 piece to learn? 👇👇👇
I ❤️ helping students unlock what music means to them. I teach 🎹 to help them find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with 🎵.

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“A sense of purpose doesn’t come from thinking about it. It comes from taking action that moves you toward the future. The moment you do this, you activate a force more powerful than the desire to avoid pain. We call this the ‘Force of Forward Motion.'” from “The Tools” by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels.

What’s stopping us to move forward and upward in our career or life style? 

😓 Avoiding the PAIN–pain of getting out of our comfort zone. 

If we can’t tolerate pain,  you are not living up to your full potential. There are many examples of this:

😔 If you are shy and avoid people, you lose the vitality that comes with a sense of community. 

🥺 If you are creative but can’t tolerate criticism, you will never reach people who could appreciate your work. 

😣 If you are a leader and can’t set boundaries with people, no one will follow you. 

By staying in the comfort zone, you end up relinqishing your dreams and goals.  So, think about you as a person who is sitting right next to you and telling you always he/she is ready to pursuit their dreams. Why you wanna crush your own dreams and desires? 

No, you are not lazy. It’s the fear of stepping forward. What are you waiting for? Do it TODAY and NOW. 

🎉 Happy 112th Birthday to my HERO, Mr. Art Tatum 🙇🏻‍♀️
Considered to be one of the 🎹 geniuses👼 of all time in any genre. Yet, so underrated. C’mon people!!!!

🎹 Art Tatum (1909-1956) is my FAV 🥰 pianist! Have you listened to his piano transcription of Humoresque by Dvorak 😭😭😭😭😭 or anything by Tatum!?!? HE IS SO SPECIAL—one in a billion.
Idolized and admired by world-class musicians such as Vladimir Horowitz and George Gershwin, Art Tatum possessed a name synonymous with GENIUS. As A.B. Spellman observed in the liner notes to Giants of Jazz, Art Tatum, Tatum was “blessed with fingers that moved almost as fast as his endless stream of ideas.” 

Tatum’s repertoire consisted primarily of a few original compositions, popular songs, jazz standards, and concert music pieces by such composers as Antonin Dvorak and Jules Massenet. Despite gaining popularity with a trio during the 1940s, Tatum’s numerous solo performances still awe listeners and represent some of the finest music of the twentieth century America.

His touch, harmonizations, dexterity, and expressions—and most of all, Art Tatum as a person with a heart of GOLD⚜️—speak to my heart and inspire me to keep playing and practicing piano. He was a pure genius—WE ALL NEED TO REVISIT HIS TALENT AND CELEBRATE.

Check out my October Spotify Playlist to listen to Art Tatum if you have not done so already.

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Doing some practice challenge following the requirements of the course about performance psychology that I’m taking right now.

Improved!? Well I was able to give 💯 % focus as I worked on this passage! Spent only 10 min but my 🧠 is exhausted! Yay, that’s a winner!

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That’s it for this week’s blog. Playing the 🎹 is SO FUN! But getting to the point of being able to have fun takes commitment and practicing! Yes, YIKES 😬. Nothing in this world is easy. Well, listen to your heart–sit right next to him/her and listen what they really want to do. If they tell you they want to take a step forward, now you are gonna have to push away your comfort PJs, pillows, and couches and take an action!  

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