What a busy month September is starting up a new season🍃! Especially this year, the excitement has doubled—most of us are going back to in-person at school. Finally🤩! It is overwhelming, at the same time, to try to readjust to this new phase—so, take a deep breath🧘🏻‍♀️ (and wear a 😷!) and let’s remember to take one step at a time (AND don’t forget to sign up for your 🎹 lesson).

Here at my piano studio, I am continuing the online 🎹 lessons for all the students who signed up for at-home🏠 lessons (meaning, I travel to their homes). I want to maintain the safety of my students and their family members. However, my home studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is open for in-person lessons‼️

🤔 Are you curious about exploring your innate creativity?

😃 Are you ready to discover what music means to you?

Sign up to book a complimentary 🎵 with me (online or in-person)!



I love helping students discover what music means to them so they can cultivate confidence, focus, and a lifelong love of music. 

🥳This fall, I am celebrating the 15th year of my NYC🗽 piano teaching studio. And I want to connect the magic of music with more piano enthusiasts this year. So to mark this milestone💎, I am giving away 15 free trial lessons (30 minutes per session) to 15 students by October 15!  

In the 30-minute sessions, I can answer some of the most FAQs by students:

    • How do you read music so fast and fluently?
    • How do you play by ear?
    • What are the benefits of learning to play the piano?
    • How do you memorize a piece of music?

I look forward to meeting you soon 🎹!