#HappyMonday and have a fantastic week, y’all!

Tell me your goals of the week?

I have been practicing Gershwin pieces lately to celebrate his birthday 🎂 this month…..AND because I am playing Broadway-themed 🎭 programs in upcoming weeks!!

My goals for this week are to finish reviewing “I Got Rhythm” all the way through and rearrange it! 

What’s yours?

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🥱What day is it today?

💥It’s #techtuesday 🤩!

I love❤️ using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming. This software has been known and used among gamers 🤖.

OBS enables casual users to use multiple cameras and switch between them, add professional-looking titles, make smooth transitions between cameras, live stream on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter (yes!), etc., or create a smooth recording for upload. It also allows us to use video conferencing services such as Zoom and many others during the meeting. 

As you can see in this video👆, it lets us insert multiple sources into one screen! In one scene, I am facing my student @kaspianruff (using a camera on my iMac). Then transitioning smoothly into the next scene, he can see the side shot (Logitech webcam) and the close-up of my keys and fingers (iPhone) on one screen—this is so perfect when I demonstrate technique!

I am so grateful to my colleague and friend @pokie for introducing me to this cool software😭! OBS made the quality of my online teaching so much better, and my students LOVE it.

I love teaching 🎹 lessons online 👩🏻‍💻! Because my students get to play on their piano while I use mine, and OBS made the lesson so much more engaging for students! 

Dear fellow music🎶 teachers, what’s your favorite software/app for your online music lessons? 

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I ❤️ helping students unlock what music means to them. I teach 🎹 to help them find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with 🎵.


🎺Here is my #thursdaytreat post for ya, you 🎹 lovers❤️

I’d like to treat you with a short video clip (📺1)of one of my dearest students, Tamrin @tamringhai, playing Venetian Boat Song in F# minor from Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn! 

Do you remember Tamrin? In May 2020 (wow, seems like an ancient time ago), I interviewed her for my piano studio’s Vlog, Conversations with a Piano Student (📺2), for her achievement: writing and producing her own composition, “Butterflies🦋”—(🔗in bio) She is also quite an advanced pianist as you can see!

Over the years of piano lessons, she discovered what music means to her personally. 

What does music mean to you? 

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I ❤️ helping students unlock what music means to them. I teach 🎹 to help them find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with 🎵

🎉 Happy 118th Birthday, Mr. Vladimir Horowitz!

Horowitz is MY FAVORITE PIANIST of all times. My teacher at NYU, Eduardus Halim, studied with Mr. Horowitz! So, I am in the legendary piano lineage 🤩😁.

🎹 He is such a legendary figure in the classical music world—Russian-born American virtuoso pianist in the Romantic tradition. He was celebrated for his flawless techn

ique and an almost orchestral quality of tone. Horowitz’s performances of works by Franz LisztSergey RachmaninoffFrédéric ChopinAleksandr ScriabinDomenico Scarlatti, and Sergey Prokofiev were admired for their technical precision and dynamic range.

In his book The Great Pianists, critic Harold Schonberg wrote: “As a technician, Horowitz was one of the most honest in the history of modern pianism. He achieved his dazzling effects by fingers alone, using the pedal sparingly. Notes of scales could not have been more evenly matched; chords could not have been attacked more precisely; octaves could not have been sharper or more exciting; leaps could not have been hit more accurately… He had worked out his own technique, one that ran counter to established traditions of hand and arm. His hands were turned out; he used a low wrist and flat fingers; the little finger of his right hand was always curled tight until it had to strike a note. When it did, it was like the strike of a cobra… Above all, there were his stupendous fortissimos, that orchestral body of tone.”

🧑🏻‍🏫 Horowitz mentored such notable pianists as Byron Janis, Gary Graffman and Ronald Turini, along with coaching Murray Perahia early in his career (AND my teacher, Eduardus!). 

🥰 “Piano playing consists of intellect, heart and technique. All should be equally developed. Without intellect, you will be a fiasco; without technique, an amateur; without heart, a machine.”—Vladimir Horowitz

What is your favorite recording by Mr. Horowitz? Mine? Hmm…hard to chose! 😅

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🧐Looking for some incredible music to listen to while enjoying the perfect fall weather?  My October 🎃  2021 Spotify Playlist is out! I selected pieces by composers and pianists who were born in October! ✅ Louis Vierne✅ Alexander Siloti✅ Dominico Scarlatti✅ Franz Liszt ✅ Gerge Bizet✅ Vladimir Horowitz ✅ Giuseppe Verdi✅ Karol Szymanowski✅ Camille Saint-Saens ✅ Art Tatum ✅ Charles Ives✅ Niccoló Paganini Tap the button below↘️↘️↘️ to indulge! #spotifyplaylist #octoberplaylist #pianists #composers #classicalmusic #jazzmusic #pianomusic


What is your goal for October? 

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That’s it for this week’s blog. Talk to you at the next one! 

Remember, 🎶  is as free as air and as adventurous as life is!  SO, HAVE FUN WITH IT!


❤️ helping students unlock🔓 what music means to them. I teach 🎹 to help them find joy🥰 in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with music🎶.