How was your weekend? Mine was great—practiced 🎹 more!

Here are some short clips of my recording from this weekend:
1. “The Man I Love” by Gershwin
2. “My Favorite Things” by Hammerstein

I am also practicing classical music, too!

Are you practicing? How is it going? Tell me what piece(s) you are practicing currently.👇

I ❤️ helping students unlock what music means to them. I teach 🎹 to help them find joy in expressing themselves and making their own personal connection with 🎵.

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Domenico Scarlatti

🎉 Happy BD to Domenico Scarlatti!

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was an Italian harpsichordist and composer. His harpsichord sonatas are highly distinctive and original.

Scarlatti wrote operas, chamber cantatas, sacred music, and over 550 sonatas for harpsichord! He composed much of his vocal music, both sacred and secular, before he settled in Spain. Most of it is characteristic music of the period: well composed but not particularly individual. A few of his vocal works are outstanding. But by and large Scarlatti was not at his best in writing for the voice. His true genius is revealed rather in his sonatas for harpsichord.

Probably Scarlatti improvised his keyboard pieces, and perhaps wrote them down partially, during the course of his life. Then, at a later date, he had them written down in fair copies.

It seems that the earliest harpsichord pieces by Scarlatti are those in dance forms or in forms similar to the toccatas. Somewhat later Scarlatti began to compose those sonatas on which his fame rests: the brilliant virtuoso pieces with striking harmonies, bold dissonances, and sudden contrasts of texture. His sonatas are remarkable for the way they exploit the resources of the harpsichord—to musical advantage. They call for a large, two-manual harpsichord and for a highly proficient harpsichordist.

The characteristic, unique style of the sonatas seems to be original with Scarlatti himself. Although elements of his style can be traced to earlier keyboard music in Italy, Portugal, or Spain, there is nothing quite like the total effect. Scarlatti should be regarded as one of the most original innovators in the history of music.

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🎶We are ready to shower 🚿 you with 🎭Broadway tunes!

It’s so fun to make music with people you love! I’m prepping for a Broadway-themed program with my friends @clara_pianistica and @aggelikiliki for this holiday season 🎃🦃🕎🎄!

Miss live music at home for the holiday parties!?


Happy weekend, my dear 🎹 friends!

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That’s it for this week’s blog. Playing the 🎹 is SO FUN! But getting to the point of being able to have fun takes commitment and practicing! Yes, YIKES 😬. Nothing in this world is easy. Well, listen to your heart–sit right next to yourself and listen what she/he really want to do. If she/he tells you they want to take a step forward, now you are gonna have to push away your comfort PJs, pillows, and couches and take an action!  

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