Let's podcast!

- for Women 40+

I am so excited to share my passion and experience of podcasting through 
my classes, course, facebook group, Meet-Up group, and social media accounts!

I am so excited to share my passion and experience of podcasting through my classes, course, facebook group, Meet-Up group, and social media accounts!

Let me introduce myself....

My name is Yukimi, I am an educator at the core of my being whether I teach/coach piano students, perform in piano recitals, be the Executive Producer of my show—The Piano Pod, or share my passion of podcasting with women 40+.

“How can I present the beautiful tradition of classical music to the 21st-century audience in a fun, contemporary, and engaging way?”

Ever since I started teaching piano to young children in the trendy, vibrant neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan in NYC a long ago, I began to question. Then, during my grad school at NYU, one of the music department’s professors suggested I start a podcast show to connect with my audience and share my values about learning music.

The opportunity finally arrived in the summer of 2020 to start a new project with the help of two of my colleagues to connect classical musicians to audiences through podcasting.

Since its launch, I have interviewed guests who have been breaking exciting new ground in the classical piano industry to discuss the traditions of the piano and expand its capabilities in this new era. The guest speakers include A-list pianists and composers, performance psychologists, music technologists, educators, entrepreneurs, live-streamers, and neurodiverse specialists.

Whether I wear a podcast producer, piano instructor, coach, or performing art professional hat 🎩 today, my calling is to be a teacher.

So, why do I want to teach women 40+ podcasting?

As I am part of the women’s 40+ club, I realized:

  • we, women 40+, were constantly told to be diligent without complaining.
  • we were taught to be ALWAYS polite and consider others first.
  • we were told to be humble and invisible. 

Thus, making us the most undervalued people in the world!

It’s time for us to grab a mic🎙 and share our incredible life stories, values, and worth with the world! 

If I can do it, so can you!

Since July 2022, I have taught podcast classes and courses to women 40+. Since then, I have helped them to make their dream come true — they started their successful shows, currently streaming on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and more!

You may be an entrepreneur wanting to start your podcast show to increase brand awareness. Or…you have experienced extreme circumstances and may have been itching to grab a microphone and share your incredible life legacy with the world…

🤩 Join the podcasting journey with me today. Here is how:

🤗 Join the free intro class, “Let’s Podcast! – for Women 40+” soon. I am hosting them several times a month, so please find the event date that works best for your schedule on my Facebook group, Let’s Podcast for Women over 40, or Meetup group, Women 40+ Podcasters’ Club.

📕Download a free checklist, “Let’s Podcast! – the Ultimate Podcast Launch Checklist,” a step-by-step guide on starting your dream podcast show, on my Payhip store today!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you start your dream podcast very soon!
❤️🎙 Yukimi