How to deal with unruly😖 and mean🥺 parents…❤️‍🩹

Dear fellow 🎹 teachers, 😖 Sick and tired of unruly and mean parents you deal with weekly? Do you want to gain more respect from them but do not know how? I want to share quick three tips to help you ease your pain:    Tip 1️⃣  Be calm – keep it cool 😎 at […]

Let’s talk about 💰 today 😏.

Let’s talk about 💰 today 😏.  When I first started my piano studio in NYC in 2007, I had some clients who did not pay me on time. A handful of them even delayed their payments for three months 😱 with no guilt or shame. When they finally paid after several email notifications, they did […]

Let us become well-equipped 🎹 teachers!

When I started my piano teaching career, my biggest concern was how ill-equipped I felt for anything beyond teaching music on the score.   I was not quite ready to manage things like:  ❌ How to make piano lessons fun and engaging for all without diminishing the quality.  ❌ How to retain current students for a […]

Dear Fellow Piano Teachers:

Dear Fellow Piano Teacher, I’d like to share my 5 principles to boost students’ motivation to learn and practice piano! “The change starts with you but it does not start until you do.”–Tom Ziglar 1. Be inspirational. You have been teaching piano lessons for quite some time–you found your calling and care deeply about your […]

Prep for my 🎹 audition…

“I spent months and months of prep for the solo 🎹 performance for my audition–-my memory was solid, and I practiced those technically demanding passages over and over. Yet, when I set my foot on stage, I completely blanked out–I could not control my body. I almost felt like I was split into two people–my […]

Purposeful 🎹 Practice

🙋🏻‍♀️ “I will cut my piano practice time in half🗡 and double my results!” One morning in 2018, I got out of bed and made this decision! I have had enough with dreadful, mindless, and long hours of practice and decided to change my strategy. 👇👇👇 Several years before that morning, I began this crazy […]

📣THE infamous 10,000-Hour-Rule is a MYTH!

📣THE infamous 10,000-Hour-Rule is a MYTH! There, I said it! No more hours of rigorous daily piano practice in solitude! Hooray! 🥳 🙌 🤔 Well, not so fast. 😅 Hear me out. If you are not familiar with this 10,000-Hour-Rule, popularized by one of Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster books, “Outliers,”  the rule goes like this: it […]

🦃🍁Happy November 2021! How was your weekend? Mine was great—practiced 🎹 more! Here are some short clips of my recording from this weekend:1. “The Man I Love” by Gershwin2. “My Favorite Things” by Hammerstein I am also practicing classical music, too! Are you practicing? How is it going? Tell me what piece(s) you are practicing currently.👇 I […]

Getting Ready for a Kick-off of the Holiday Season 2021 🎃🦃🕎🎄 😇Happy Monday! Are you enjoying the cool and crisp air!? Finally it feels like fall 🍁! So, yesterday, I went to my dear friend and collegue, Clara Zhang’s studio in the UES to rehearse Libertango by Piazzolla and many other pieces for our upcoming musical events. I feel we’ve made some progress and improvements […]

Play 🎹 for Fun and Practice for Joy 🥰 How is your long weekend going? Mine is going GREAT so far—very restful yet productive! 📺1: Sight-reading and rehearsing 4-hand duet version of “Libertango” by Piazzolla with my friend and colleague, Clara Zhang @clara_pianistica, for our upcoming 🎶 events. 📺 2: Having fun sight-reading “In a Boat” from Petite Suite by Debussy for fun 🤩 […]